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DRUMRAGH clr revbgd.jpg History Year 10

The Anglo-Irish Agreement 1985 We are now going to look at two of the attempts to find a peaceful solution to Northern Ireland's problems during the troubles. This week we will look at the Anglo-Irish Agreement of 1985 and next week we will consider the Good Friday Agreement 1998. Please read pages 53-56 of the Year 10 booklet (under files) and look at the following guide from Bitesize Answer the following questions: Who signed the Anglo Irish Agreement? Give 2 reasons why it was signed. Give 3 terms of the Agreement. What did Unionists think of the Anglo-Irish Agreement? Create a spider diagram/bullet point list of the ways in which Unionists responded to the Anglo-Irish Agreement.

DRUMRAGH clr revbgd.jpg History Year 8

The Black Death: This week we are going to look at a major health crisis that occurred in the Middle Ages. It was known as the Black Death! How appropriate to be studying this now! Firstly, you must read the study guide here: Then I want you to create a presentation on the topic. You can choose your own format: a powerpoint/large poster/video - anything you like. Your presentation must include: What was the Black Death and when did it occur? Possible causes. Possible cures. Similarities and differences with the current Covid 19 Pandemic. Ensure your presentation is factual, accurate and relevant. Include images to enhance your presentation.

DRUMRAGH clr revbgd.jpg History Year 9


Write a diary entry on your experiences of the Siege of Derry. Download worksheet with task.


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